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Investment Loans for Property or Shares?


Are you looking to use your available equity to purchase an investment property, or perhaps free up cash to create your own share portfolio? 


At PAX Mortgages we will analyse your current financial objectives, then provide loan comparisons and our recommendations as to the most appropriate loan to suit you financial requirements.  With close to twenty years in financial lending, we are confident we will provide a superior loan structure and service which can only be obtained through years of industry knowledge. Choosing the right mortgage is more than just getting the best rate!


We have access to over 30 financial institutions giving us the freedom and independence to help you select the best product for your financial requirements.



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Investing in property has three main attractions:


1.  You can receive income from the rental of your investment property.

2.  There are tax benefits associated with owning investment properties.

3.  Your investment property may increase in value over time.


At PAX Mortgages we specialise in assisting property investors through:


      • 100% investment loans.
      • Interest only loans, using additional security to your best advantage.
      • Debt structuring which eliminates personal debt.
      • Restructuring of loan portfolios to maximise use of equity.


For a confidential discussion, please register your details with us and we will contact you shortly to discuss your requirements further.

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